Promised Land


The names of people shown in the animation were taken from the list collated by UNITED for Intercultural Action, which documents 17,306 deaths put down to "Fortress Europe" between 1993 -2012.


We had no way of knowing what these people looked like, but used the names of five real people who didn't make it to the Promised Land.


Maalel Zarga (aged 21) Tunesia, missing.




M’manga Soule (aged 33) Comoros, drowned, boat hit a rock.



Berkan Guler (aged 4) Turkey stowaway, suffocated in cargo container.



Manade Kamara (aged 32) Mali asylum seeker, allegedly beaten to death in police custody.




Zahara Bare (aged 42) Somalia, pregnant asylum seeker – denied urgent medical care


The places depicted are of Homs and the temple at Palmyra, both in Syria.


220,000 refugees have arrived in Europe, seeking safety and a better future in 2016. One in three is a child.

This project was our response to the news reports of what was happening in Syria and elsewhere. In itself it of course, changes nothing.


However, if you wish to contribute to this small effort, we have set up a Just Giving page to donate to Medecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors Without Borders) who are doing heroic work in treating the victims in many conflicts.



3D animations

Ray Burnside


Charcoal and chalk drawing/drawn animations Stephanie Grainger


William Shakespeare


Carol Sloman


Chloe Maloney with Carol Sloman


Ray Burnside